It will be a fun summer vacation soon.

Traveling is fun to enjoy the accident in a sense.

Traveling is fun to enjoy the accident in a sense. Besides, it is to remain in memory. Prepare thoroughly and prepare and wish for a perfect travel plan, but it does not go so well in the world. Odysan goes without preparing so much, so there was also a matter of accident continuation. That is also fun and it can not be helped. So, I love to travel in plenty of places. But if it is a traveling alone, that's fine, but it's not a problem on a trip with friends. Especially since Odysan is such a personality, friends do not let the uncle plan, plan the schedule exactly, make a perfectly tight journey. Well, if you are traveling with each other, you can enjoy it as much as you like, no matter what happens. Although it will be before Oita, even when concentrated torrential rain came in Nagano, it has just traveled to Nagano. It was unfortunate that my friends got a break and hit it at that time. When I got there, it was awesome and when I asked the hotel, the parking lot was submerged. Of course the accommodation is canceled, everyone is panicking, it's a car and let's go elsewhere. Odysan said. So, suddenly I changed my path to Fukushima and entered the hotel. After all, I spent three days, like a camping camp in the school days, I just drank and entered a hot spring, not just a step from the hotel. When I heard about everyone, the trip was the most enjoyable. It is truly a good thing that you get along well.
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