It will be a fun summer vacation soon.

I love to travel, so I still stay with my family and friends ・ I go to dom...

I love to travel, so I still stay with my family and friends ・ I go to domestic travel several times a year. I have not been traveling casually since I was born now, but in the case of two couple, I decide only the destination, while halfway while traveling by car I watched the information display etc and worried about where I was concerned I was traveling while dropping in. It was a lot of fun to find a spot like a place. Where we can stay, we were looking for a fashion hotel in a moderate amount of time. I have wandered around without stopping until midnight, but that is also a good memory. In the heavy rain as typhoon, we have reached ""Kitaro Road"" at the end of the day when we traveled to Tottori. At that time it was still only done, there were statues of youkai at roads in the shopping street, and there were only a few Kitaro goods at some shops in shopping districts. The time I was late was too late and there was heavy rain so there was no one. I did not understand the place and asked the taxi driver who was in front of the station about the place ... While being told that ""You may already have shops,"" they caught the picture of all the statues with her husband and walked together I have memories. This year, I went by Kitamiro Road with four families. It was completely maintained, there were more places to see and goods were also abundant. I visited places visited by two couples, two families who increased, ・ I caressed the happiness that the history of the family is engraved again. What I would like to see is traveling by train. Without specifying the destination, I got on the train at each station, and got off at the station where I felt. I would like to have a trip with two husbands who is not bound by such time. I wonder if I can make such a trip since I have been a little older.
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