It will be a fun summer vacation soon.

Although I traveled domestic in several times, is Okinawa Prefecture the m...

Although I traveled domestic in several times, is Okinawa Prefecture the most impressive thing left? I thought that it was a bit of an airplane flying to Okinawa but I was moved by the color of the sea which changes rapidly from the area beyond the sea of ??clouds and Kyushu seen from the plane. It is like a dove, but in Okinawa Prefecture the truth is 3 days and 4 days in a row. I also went to Yomitan Peninsula. I have also seen scars of war. I also saw the air-tight shelter that was not banned in the state that I could not put on my hands yet. Although I also went to the ""Town of Shirayuri"" that I saw when I was a student, the ""white plum tower"" quietly standing as if to avoid the eyes can still revive clearly. I think it was desperate to look into the southern area, which was the only battlefield, taking time and looking around and watching the disastrous circumstances of the time while memorizing it. But since it was my first trip to Okinawa, I also enjoyed the pleasure of watching Ryukyu glasses and trying out palm juice. The one I liked the best is the sequester that I finally saw here and there for the last few years. Every time my throat dried out as I was captivated by my first taste I was drinking a sea juice juice when I was looking for a vending machine. It is one of my memories that I almost seemed to miss Sogi soba after seeing Shuri Castle in a place where the remaining time was a little and it seemed to be nearly dangerous to return the plane. I want to go to Okinawa again. I think that it was an important trip in many ways that the thought does not change even after years.

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