It will be a fun summer vacation soon.

As for myself, traveling abroad without experiences traveled in the past o...

As for myself, traveling abroad without experiences traveled in the past only in the past traveling, the summer trip is still the sea. When I was young, I did not care about ultraviolet rays, I do not hesitate to wear a swimsuit with thin body shape ・ In such times I domestically traveled mainly on the ocean. Kanto is from Chigasaki to Kansai from Shirahama, Jojnozaki Shikoku to Ehime, Shodoshima, Awajishima and Okinawa ... In addition to Tottori, Yamaguchi and Okayama, the ocean is also impressed by the blue ocean of Okinawa. A small sandy beach in an unnamed sea like a casual locals come by rent-a-car, so no one's okay? I felt like I could not say anything by touching the sea I thought that the light of the sun shined brightly in the blue water close to the beautiful emerald and I felt the first time in my life to see the real sea ・ In such a mood, People say ""fish fish"" with a small breakwater in the place like a small breakwater and found a crab about 1 cm or so and it was like a string that seemed to be falling down, and I was lying down on a sandy beach saying ""I can not catch it."" I was sunbathing in. A few minutes later, it sounds like ""Gottsu"" ... If you see a place where you casually fish fish, does he not stay? Is it? Unpleasant feeling ... awesome I got up and ran up to that, he slipped on the tetrapot and slipped as he slid. ""Looking ok?"" When I looked at my face I seemed to hit my forehead and I was a little out of breath and I was surprised that the blood was tarari .... I thought that it would be better to be calm, ""I have blood, what do you do He went to a car for the time being ・ I heard it with a mirror. After saying ""It is terrible wow, it's expired .."" After that it happened as ""It responded calmly and calmly ..."" It was only one more night but I was almost staying at the hotel. Later on becoming a funny story, scratches like Gorbachev were a few days and gave a name to Golby Travel and it is still a memorable talk.
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